• DateApril 16, 2018

FYI – Needle Piercing

I feel I have to share my latest experience with you about ear piercing.  I have read many articles lately that support the trend to do needle piercing in preference …

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  • DateMarch 28, 2018

Love your earrings …

You know how you feel almost naked when you leave the house without your earrings …  your day just wouldn’t feel right if you don’t dash back to get them. …

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  • DateMarch 19, 2018

A Gun or a Pair of Earrings?

It goes without saying that what you put in is what you get out … in life and in art. Technology has revolutionised the world and this has both positive …

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  • DateMarch 15, 2018

The Ugly Truth

Marketing today is all about being a disruptor. Hell thats how Donald J Trump got elected! By thinking outside the box, by understating that using social media allows you to stand …

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  • DateMarch 8, 2018

You’ve Come a Long way Babe

With International Woman’s day upon us I thought I would share a bit about new beginnings. We have come a long way since a woman smoking tailored cigarettes in public …

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  • DateMarch 1, 2018

Back in Time

I went to see the Churchill movie Darkest Hour the other night and it made me think about my dad. The movie tells the story of Winston Churchill becoming Prime …

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