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  • DateMay 3, 2018

No such thing as originality …

“All new things are old things” In the late 60’s when I was in my mid teens I loved my weekly visits to my dad’s office. It was located in …

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  • DateMarch 8, 2018

You’ve Come a Long way Babe

With International Woman’s day upon us I thought I would share a bit about new beginnings. We have come a long way since a woman smoking tailored cigarettes in public …

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  • DateMarch 1, 2018

Back in Time

I went to see the Churchill movie Darkest Hour the other night and it made me think about my dad. The movie tells the story of Winston Churchill becoming Prime …

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  • DateFebruary 19, 2018


Why is gold so valuable? We place a particular value on gold because it does not tarnish in its purest form, namely 24kt (100%). It is chemically pure and supply …

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