Love your earrings …

You know how you feel almost naked when you leave the house without your earrings …  your day just wouldn’t feel right if you don’t dash back

to get them.  No question about it, a pair of earrings frame your face,

complete your outfit and make you feel feminine and sexy.  According to an article in the Huffington Post, when interviewing a famous Italian

jeweller: “Earrings are the must haves in any jewellery wardrobe.”

A Bit Of Earring History

Since time began, whether for spiritual, religious or decorative purposes, men and women have worn earrings.

Their popularity has risen and fallen depending on hair, fashion and economic resources.

The Ancient Egyptians and Greeks from Cleopatra all the way to Shakespeare were amongst the earliest to enjoy the attributes of a good earring.

Ancient sailors wore gold hoops as a celebration of their crossing the equator or circumnavigating the globe. They believed too, that should they

perish in a shipwreck, their gold earring would pay for a Christian burial wherever their body might wash up.

Earring Trends

The diamond stud or huggy is the most classic and versatile earring to own; they could also include coloured stones.

They complete your look and can be worn every day.  The hoop would be second on your list, and could be metal or diamond.  Your choice would be

influenced by your personal style.  When budget allows, that third pair of earrings should be something for  special occasions.

In jewellery nothing is taboo.  You can match everything or match nothing!  The beauty is in the subtle combinations that make your look interesting and unique.


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