A Gun or a Pair of Earrings?

A Gun or a Pair of Earrings?

It goes without saying that what you put in is what you get out … in life and in art. Technology has revolutionised the world and this has both positive and negative outcomes. Of course we embrace the wonders that can be achieved, however one must always be mindful of the downfalls that technology brings.

In the old days a jeweller was an artisan who hand crafted a piece of jewellery from start to finish. The talent was passed from father to son. Today with high labour costs and time constraints, computers ,3D printers and lasers do the work. Jewellery can be quickly and efficiently produced. It is critical that the information the designer puts into the computer generated diagram is perfect. The printer will produce an exact replica to be generated in 3D and cast in the Lost wax process.

This exact technique can be used or should I say “abused’ to build a gun … and so technology can be perverted for an evil outcome.

I will take the earrings please!

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