What is the difference between the “gold “ options?

Pure Gold is 24 karat symbol 999 too soft to work
18kt gold symbol 750
14kt gold symbol 585
9kt gold symbol 375
Solid Gold Jewellery
Made entirely of gold
More expensive
More durable
Hollow Gold Jewellery
Real jewellery
Empty space inside
Light weight
Less expensive
May be less durable
Gold Vermeil
Silver gilt frame
No real value
Plated with a layer of gold
Standard of plating higher quality
Gold Plated
Brass or copper base
No real value
Thin layer of gold coating
Gold fades,discolours

Does jewellery retain its value?

The beauty of real jewellery is that it has an intrinsic value.
The more pure the gold in the item the more the ability to recover some value
when tired of a piece of jewellery or wishing to remodel.

What are lab grown diamonds?

Laboratory grown diamonds have the same chemical properties as a genuine diamond. They are created under extreme conditions in a lab setting, unlike genuine diamonds which are sourced from the earth.
They have become popular as they are less expensive than real diamonds and
challenge the issue of ethically sourced natural diamonds.
However in my opinion they don’t contain the natural vibrations and energy
as something originating in nature.
All our diamonds are ethically sourced.

How do you clean your jewellery?

The best and most cost effective way to clean your jeweller at home is with liquid soap, a soft old tooth brush , warm water and Kleenex .
Put the plug in the basin, rinse the item and on a hard surface gently clean front and back with soft old toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly and allow all the moisture to absorb on a Kleenex. Buff with a soft cloth.