Why is gold so valuable?

We place a particular value on gold because it does not tarnish in its purest form, namely 24kt (100%). It is chemically pure and supply is limited.  Craftsmen learned to alloy gold with other metals to increase its durability. The higher the alloy the lower the value. This was necessary because pure gold is too soft to be worked with.

In the name of beauty and value how much do we want to add to the mix?

 Historically Indian jewellery is 22kt (92%). The colour has a bright yellow tinge it is very ornate and has a spiritual connotation.  14kt contains 58% pure gold while 9kt only contains 37.5%.

Intrinsic means essential and refers to something that belongs to a thing by its very nature, standing the test of time for all eternity.  18kt gold creates the perfect balance between value and beauty, I love the magic quality colour and tone. For me 18kt (75%) is pure perfection!

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