Boho Chic Deconstructed

Boho Chic Deconstructed

When I was a little girls I remember begging my mum to let me stay home from school. I would spend the day in my room dressed in an array of flowing outfits dancing to classical music. I fantasied about a life in which I had the lead roll and traveled to far off lands having exciting adventures to show case my talent. Like a magpie I collected coloured and sparkly shiny beaded jewels, embroidered and sequinned dresses, pom poms and tassels swaying in the wind. How I longed to be part of a band of gypsy wonderers. This whimsical dream like free spirited notion kept me engaged for hours.

Think 2005, think Kate Moss, think Sienna Miller and Talitha Getty and Boho Chic was born. These girls were the epitome of the romanticised lifestyle. They moved in a different space, wearing tie die prints in florals and paisleys draped with scarves and fringes. Their lives seemed unencumbered by the daily grind and the responsibilities of adulthood.

The appeal of wearing these clothes with a vintage edge and  jewels to match creates this wonderful mood that came to be known as Boho Chic. Don’t we all long to be in that space … footloose and fancy free …

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