You’ve Come a Long way Babe

You’ve Come a Long way Babe

With International Woman’s day upon us I thought I would share a bit about new beginnings.

We have come a long way since a woman smoking tailored cigarettes in public was a major step forward!

I remember my first buying trip abroad. I went alone to Vicenza Italy to attend one of the biggest jewellery shows in the world.  It was January 1995, it was freezing cold and I didn’t know my arse from my elbow …

I was buying jewellery on a shoestring budget from Italians with whom it was difficult to communicate, I felt like “miss no one from nowhere”!

Every night I sat alone in the hotel restaurants eating dinner chocking over every mouth full. No iPhone security blanket in those days.

I made it home sold the goods and I was on my way.

Never Give Up, Cheers and Happy Woman’s Day!


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